Anyone who’s anyone in Lausanne knows of the infamous Rue de Bourg; the street littered with luxury stores, specialty shops, jewelers, watch dealers, and high fashion boutiques. It’s considered to be prime real estate in the Lausanne market, though many of the stores are only frequented by a select few who can afford the hefty price tags. So when we caught wind of a new jewelry store opening on Rue de Bourg, we sighed and thought what’s new and didn’t really give it a second thought. 

We found out it was the brainchild of three former EHL graduates–all young, all fresh, and all new to the industry. Introducing Nude Concept Store.
Now this was something we had to check out. From our experience, EHL graduates are doing huge things in Lausanne; testing out new concepts, taking risks, and boy, are they paying off. Ta Cave? EHL. The owner and CEO of La Chocolatière–EHL. One of the founders of the infamous Docteur Gab’s Brewery? EHL. Lucas Imhof, the food & beverage manager transforming the Hotel Savoy? EHL grad. Our beloved friend and sponsor Vernon of Dubner Moderne? You guessed it, EHL alum. 
Maybe it’s the feminist in us, or our foundational belief in supporting small businesses, or the fact that these three young ladies are going head to head with some pretty daunting competition–or perhaps it’s all three. Whatever it is, we were intrigued–and then we walked in and saw absolutely gorgeous pieces of jewelry…and then we saw the absolutely accessible price tags. Our intrigue quickly turned into something much more substantial–and we thought, now they’re onto something here.

Their jewelry, made by both local designers as well as young and new designers found abroad (many from Paris), ranges from trendy to traditional. Though these girls are partaking on their first entrepreneurial adventure, it’s pretty clear that they have a natural eye for choosing what goes on display at Nude Concept Store. From minimalist gold earrings with a subtle surprise (can we talk about lobe huggers and asymmetrical styles?!) to chunky tribal or bohemian chic necklaces, there’s definitely something for everyone.

We selected six pieces that are all around 100 CHF (!) to give you an idea of what you might find–see below for details.
1. Earrings (with lobe huggers) by LA2L | 85 CHF
2. Ring by Azucar | 44 CHF
3. Key Pendant by Natkina | 130 CHF
4. Earrings by Helena Sai | 79 CHF
5. Bracelet by ‘un je ne sais quoi’ | 90 CHF
6. Necklace by LA2L | 77 CHF

They also have other accessories like these beautiful hats, as well as bags, backpacks, and art pieces by local painters and photographers.

We asked the ladies to give us a little bit more information about themselves and their vision for the store. Here’s what they had to say:
We decided to create a store because we wanted a relaxed place to shop and be inspired. After seeing all these cool places in other cities (like Colette in Paris–that would be the dream!) we wanted to create something similar. But also to give a platform to upcoming designers and bring them to the main shopping street, which they wouldn’t have access to alone–give people in the city a chance to find something really different, something unique. Lausanne can be super stylish so we need a place that can accommodate. Eventually we want to have a bar/coffee shop where you’re really surrounded by art and creative pieces and can just enjoy your shopping experience without feeling hushed whispers around you.

Meet the Nude Concept Store team:

Katie Laycock

Nationality: British
Three words that describe her: Trusting, Caring and Creative
Favorite hangout spot in or around Lausanne: La Terrasse in Lutry in Summer
Her staple piece of jewelry: Elise Tsikis: Shell asymmetric earring with pearls. I like classic gold pieces with a modern twist and all her pieces are so beautiful and dainty but still have a little special edge. The designer is a gorgeous girl from Paris and all her collections are so lovely.
Price: 224 CHF, gold plated and pearls

Carol Langfeldt

NationalityBrazillian / Norwegian
Three words that describe herPassionate, Spontaneous and Up for a good laugh
Favorite hangout spot in or around Lausanne: The Great Escape
Her staple piece of jewelryHelena Sai Choker: Bright Brazilian colours on a very trendy piece of jewellery, basic style with an emphasis on statement jewellery, Helena Sai jewellery made from stones collected in India, it is all hand made and every piece is unique.
Price: 155 CHF, quartz and Swarovski 

Martina Netovkina

Nationality: Ukrainian / Armenian
Three words that describe her: Work, Work, Work Party.
Favorite hang out spot in or around Lausanne: Eat Me
Her staple piece of jewelry: Natkina: For me jewellery is an investment which is why I always choose precious metals and stones. Natkina offers fashionable and timeless pieces at affordable prices just like these gold and diamond earrings.
Price: 590 CHF, asymmetric gold and diamond earrings

Next time you’re out and walking up or down Rue de Bourg, stop in Nude Concept Store (which still has the sign ‘Natkina’–so don’t worry, you’re in the right place!) and have a look around and chat with these delightful ladies. Even if you don’t walk out with a piece from their lovely collections, you’ll definitely walk out knowing you’ve made a new friend (or three).  Congrats ladies! Looking forward to following your success (and treating ourselves to a piece from your store every now and then)!

Nude Concept Store
Rue de Bourg 19, Lausanne
079 847 37 28
Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm
Follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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