Happy Weekend, friends! We’ve got some exciting plans tomorrow – a day at the market getting some street style snaps for the site and dinner at Lausanne’s elegant Eligo restuarant. It’s our first visit, and we look forward to sharing our thoughts with you soon! Have you been before? Any tips on dishes we shouldn’t miss?

Yikes. Hide our credit cards. This site offers free shipping and returns and no import tax. Holy moly.

Lausanne’s taxis have launched an App to challenge Uber. Let the games begin!

Never thought towel bar & hooks would be at the top of our wish list. Aren’t these great?

French phrases hidden in English. Mind.Blown.

It’s like Netflix for books (except you have to buy them…but still!).

Did you hear it will be an early spring? Which means we can start thinking about shoes like these.

This house costs just $20,000…and we want to move in now.

Have you heard of The Food Surgeon? Why can’t we stop watching this?

Time to say goodbye to the accent circonflexe?

In love with this throw/blanket.

Sad we didn’t try out these psychedelic bagels when we were in NYC last month!

The best rock-climber in the world is a 14 year-old girl.

For us, the best part of the Superbowl is the commercial breaks–and this commercial has won us over so far.

This is kinda ridiculous, but also kinda cool.

What a romantic & cute little number for Valentine’s Day.

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