Happy Friday! Can you please take a second and look at these cookies? Our lovely Jackie offered to help us bake up a storm this week to bring some treats to Violet-the-intern‘s class at crèche. Honestly they are THE most addicting cookie we’ve ever tasted…and we don’t even like sugar cookies (until now). You can find the recipe here, and the frosting at Globus in the upstairs baking section! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day (if you celebrate that sort of thing), and a great weekend!

The New York Times looks at the stress of culinary careers in light of the death of local Lausanne Chef Benoît Violier.

Lausanne students mobilize to connect people with humanitarian projects. It’s a great initiative – Let’s support and cheer them on!

Ever wonder what Adele might sound like in Swiss German?

Oh, email

We need this suitcase.

Silent discos are too noisy for the Swiss

We’re in the market for new running shoes, and have always worn these–any other recommendations out there?

National Geographic’s picture of the year is a bit mind-blowing.

We can imagine this dress with sneakers, boots, or heels. Love the versatility.

We had no idea Matt Damon was returning as Jason Bourne (yay!).

10 hilarious tweets from married people.

Misty Copeland never stops amazing us.

Just bought this to help organize the chaos that is a toddler’s bedroom.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Great news.

You can now rent Van Gogh’s Bedroom on Airbnb (well, kinda).

How to spend Valentine’s day with a toddler (ha!).

A great birthday card.

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