Photo by Josh Wilburne

What are you up to this weekend? We are planning to recover from one.tough.week (surgeries, sick kids, business travel etc.). We hope you have some time to rest a bit yourself too–have a wonderful weekend everyone! Here are a few fun links from around the web this week:

Head on over to The Spirit Bar for their vide-dressing this Saturday!

OMG. Heart bursting.

We read this book in one day. Yes, it’s that good.

This art print.

Have you noticed that the Facebook “like” button has been redesigned? What are you thoughts about “reactions”?

Is this even real?

We are on the hunt for a new toiletries bag, and this one caught our eye.

Forget body pillows–what about a hug sofa?!

What psychology says about the best way to apologize.

There’s art, and then there’s snow art.

We are kinda loving these sunglasses.

Check out the Stockholm subway!

Can’t stop making this recipe. So easy and so yummy.

There’s something kind of subtle & sexy about a semi-transparent top.


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