It may be because we’ve suddenly become weak to the cold temperature, or because life just seems a bit more chaotic and complicated these days, but this was the year we decided to pull the trigger and try out the home delivery services that Lausanne’s two biggest supermarkets offer. We had heard great things about both of the services, but also found something quite interesting: there are hardcore LeShop (Migros) fans, and hardcore coop@home fans; it seems that each client has a strong loyalty to just one of the two programs. So we decided to try them both out and here’s what we found:
The homepage to LeShop is intuitive and well-organized 

  • 30 CHF voucher for your first home or office order
  • Easy and intuitive interface from the beginning with categories and subcategories organized with images and quick hyperlinks to your desired product.
  • Wider selection online than in the physical store
  • Even though Migros stores do no carry alcohol, LeShop does and has a wide variety of beer, wine, and spirits
  • At home delivery means delivery right to your door, you can choose delivery timeframes according to your convenience and schedule
  • The search function isn’t programmed to find English words (even though the website has an English language option), so sometimes you need to get creative with your word choice
  • Though we hear this will change in the coming weeks, delivery slots are larger/longer windows than coop@home, meaning on average they are a 3-hour window (you have to sit at home and wait for a longer period of time)
  • You have to pay a deposit for a frozen goods bag each time which is 8 CHF (unless you fill up the bag a certain percentage) and it’s a pain to store  until you can return it (plus it comes with 2 very large frozen water bottles which you need to thaw, pour out, and eventually trash)
  • Delivery fees can be expensive, so look out for promotions and deals

Category Page on

Subcategory Page on
Delivery slots according to your postal code; once you select a date, several options will come up for time slots on that date

coop@home homepage

  • Organized interface as well (though a bit less intuitive than with images
  • Wine Cellar is far more extensive and has a cool feature which helps you select your wine based on different characteristics 
  • Larger selection of wine, beer, and spirits
  • Delivery windows are as short as one hour, with the option of door drop off even if you aren’t home
  • Option of using your SuperCard points towards your order (i.e. we got free delivery by using some of our points)
  • The frozen food bag is much more manageable (and free!)
  • Delivery fees are cheaper
  • Interface is a bit less intuitive
  • Search function is also not perfect–even though the website is in English, you have to use French terms to find certain products
  • Some of the products online are only available in bulk (i.e. most of the wine could only be purchased in bottles of 6)
Category Page on coop@home

Delivery slots page, with options for both home delivery and pick-up

We loved the Wine Cellar feature on coop@home! We selected what kind of character we were looking for in a wine, and it narrowed down our choices until we found the right bottle. 
Left: The frozen goods bag with LeShop (Migros) is quite large and bulky, comes with two big frozen water bottles that you have to dispose of, and costs 8 CHF if you can’t fill it up a certain percentage (you get 5CHF back if you return it on your next order but in the meantime you have to store it somewhere). We have to mention, however, that LeShop is aiming to be more environmentally conscious by using these re-useable bags and water bottles. Right: The coop@home frozen goods bag is an insulated plastic bag that is free (and a bit easier to store or discard).

Overall, we have to say that we were extremely happy with both services. The products we received (especially the fruit and vegetables) were fresh and carefully chosen, not to mention it was nice not having to lug home cases of wine, beer, laundry detergent…you know, all the heavy stuff! We aren’t sure we can make a choice at this point and swear our allegiance to just one service, as each store carries different products that we love, but if we had to pick just one, we may lean toward coop@home mostly because of their smaller windows for delivery time (less time waiting at home!) and also the cheaper delivery costs (due in part to the absence of the frozen goods deposit fee that charges). But all in all, we know that we will continue to use both services! 
Here are the quick links to both shops:
We are curious to know about your thoughts and experiences with vs. coop@home. Let us know if you have a preference and why!


  1. I've been using Le Shop for almost 15 years I think. I generally order every other month, mostly dry goods and cleaning products (for fruit, vegetables, cheese and other fresh stuff I prefer the Lausanne Saturday market). It's great having all that bulky and heavy stuff delivered on my doorstep! I tried Coop@home once, and wasn't convinced (but then I mostly use Migros for my supermarket shopping, so this explains that). I love Le Shop's wine selection – they have Denner wines too, so a really good selection!
    Oh, and you have the option to ask for the door dropoff with Le Shop too.

  2. I'm a bit confused with your description of frozen bag from LeShop. I use LeShop regularly (far more than Coop@home), and as far as I know that silvery bag is for refrigerated food, not frozen. The frozen food comes in a HUGE insulated box WITH DRY ICE, which makes it even more painful to store if I wasn't home during delivery. But the difference maybe that I let them leave the groceries in front of our door when I'm not home.

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