Merry Christmas, friends! Our bags are packed and we’re homeward bound for several weeks to soak up some family time, some BBQ, some football and some after-Christmas sales (yeeeesss). We’ll be signing off for a spell, but rest assured, we’ll be back in January with some exciting new projects and news to share!
Much love,
Tanya, Sarah and Gabriel

Things that sound way more intriguing in French.

How would you like to live in this New York skyscraper?

Zach King is the best.

Facebook and Uber have joined forces, and the outcome is pretty cool.

21 signs you should never travel to Switzerland.

House of Cards fans–here you go.

These photos are pretty great.

There is such a thing as Santa University.

Ever watch Full House growing up? Here’s a reason to get Netflix.

This never gets old.

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