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It’s Friday (finallyyyyy). Anyone else feeling like this these days? We can’t seem to get enough sleep…perhaps this festive season just excites us too much 😉 What are you up to this weekend? We plan to hit up the Christmas markets, then are having some friends over for our first raclette of the season. Have a wonderful weekend!

OMG our friend Jean has the most amazing apartment.

Haha, oh Nick Offerman, we love you.

Rich (of Holy Cow & Blackbird fame) is at it again–only now in Rolle!

Sorry but this is just ridiculously funny.

Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer is out!

Now this is a toaster.

This year’s DJ Earworm Mashup is sick!

Mark Zuckerburg welcomed a new daughter, and shared some big news.

Thinking about new address labels for the new year? These stamps are beautiful.

Did you see this doctor’s viral video of instantly calming a distressed baby? Mental note made.

Ski season is upon us–so why not sport a fun hat?

David Grohl vs. Animal. Enough said.

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