Hey happy weekend! What are you up to? This afternoon, Culture Café is hosting a “slow lunch” where they want you to ditch the sack lunch and start unwinding for the weekend with a traditional pot au feu featuring beef cheeks & vegetables, and paired with a beautiful Côtes du Rhone. Yum. Also don’t forget that the Christmas Midnight Run is this Saturday–even if you haven’t signed up, or don’t plan to run, it’s always a blast to see what ridiculous costumes people come up with! Plus there is food and drinks and music, so fun can be had by all. If you’re looking for more events, check out our Monday post. Have such a great weekend, and here are some links from around the web:

In case you need a little heart-warming Christmas cheer.

60 things to do in the winter in Switzerland.

The positives of being messy.

Are you an Instagram husband? (made us literally lol)

There are so many women in our lives that need this mug.

Also one special lady who gets back from Thailand next week who deserves this shirt.

We read this book as a kid (and LOVED it), and now it’s a movie!

We might have a crush on Santa.

See who is at the top of the YouTube charts these days (side note: she’s FIVE years old).

This girl decorated her parents’ house for Christmas. We mean decorated.

Looking for a [functional] pop of color for your walls? How about this calendar?

This video (shot by a high schooler) reminds us to tell more people they’re beautiful.

Cuba has been on our shortlist of destinations–and this makes us want to go even more now.

Apparently it’s true that Donald Trump got attacked by Uncle Sam the bald eagle.

Did you see the new 50CHF bill coming out in April?

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