We hope everyone enjoyed that extra hour of sleep over the weekend! Here are a few ways you can use the energy you gained…

  • In the mood to celebrate Halloween? Well you’re in luck. La Grenette is hosting “Hallowin-win” starting at 11am, then you can continue partying until the wee hours of the night at Bellini for their costume party (best dressed gets a killer prize). And if you’re looking for a bit more of a retro scene, why not try the Halloween Roller Disco at Les Docks?
  • A luncheon right here in Lausanne with Magaly Hanselmann, head of the office of gender equality in Vaud and who also works closely with Amnesty International. Tickets can be purchased here.
What are you up to this week? If there’s anything you think we should know about, please send us an email to thelausanneguide@gmail.com or add it directly to our calendar.

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