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Just a couple of months ago, while munching on an array of tapas in a costal Spanish town, we were lamenting Lausanne’s lack of tapas bars and affordable apéro options. The words – “we should open a tapas bar” might have been spoken and the initial business plan might have even been sketched out. And yet, as if the apéro gods heard our cry, O Buro came onto the scene a few weeks later.

And thank goodness because we would be terrible at managing a tapas bar…



Of course, there are tapas and there are tapas. The one should not be confused for the other, and we are delighted to be able to say that O Buro is Lausanne Guide tested and approved.

We recruited a few friends to join us for an informal girls’ night and we collectively agreed that this might just be our new go-to when we want to linger over apéro with friends but don’t want to deal with the consequences of weeknight glass glasses of wine enjoyed on an empty stomach. Indeed, this is the kind of place where good conversation and good food could transform apéro into dinner, without breaking the rhythm or the bank.

O Buro
Ruelle du Flon 4
021 311 07 13
Open Tuesday-Saturday
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  1. Lausanne has had a GREAT tapas bar right in its midst for decades: El Chiringuito, on the rue de l'Ale (next to the Coop City Centre). Spanish owners, reasonable prices (even cheap, actually), grilled squid to die for, delicious Pata Negra, and many other lovely foods…
    Not that I want to diss O Buro (I never ate there), but I do want to point out that they may be new and fashionable, but they are definitely not the first tapas bar in this city.

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