Photo by Gabriel from his visit to Ticino

We made it to the weekend! We are so happy it’s Friday, and we hope you have some fun plans for the next couple of days (if you’re looking for some things to do, here’s a list of what’s happening this weekend). We will be celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday and are also hoping for clear skies to try out the wine train on Sunday (has anyone done it? good? bad?). Here’s to putting your feet up, relaxing a bit, and enjoying the weekend!

Yelp for people – say it isn’t so!

The new kind of friendship bracelet…creepy or cool?

This Instagram combines two of our favorite things: shoes and patisseries.

In case you ever encounter a bear…here’s another [odd] way to save yourself.

What pretty lines for an end table.

Switzerland holds a new world record for Michelin stars!

Are you an over-thinking worrier? Maybe you’re actually a creative genius.

These are cool shelves.

Why are we still watching this?

A Craigslist ad you need to stop and read.

Every winter wardrobe needs a pair of these.

This guy gets the grandfather-of-the-year award.

Toddler and/or klutz-proof glassware.

This is one of our favorite gifts to give to new mothers (unexpected, we know).

No big deal to find THIS in your backyard.

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