Hey guys! What are you up to this weekend? There’s a lot going on and the forecast is SUN, so get out there and take advantage starting today at Le Montriond’s farewell party from 4pm until midnight. Also this Sunday is the start of November, which means the Movember action is in full swing. Our friends over at La Nébuleuse are partnering with The Great Escape to kick off the month’s festivities–they’ve even brewed a special beer called Brewstache just for this month! There will be a barber, a pop-up store, and plenty of beer & food, so come join at The Great Escape on Sunday starting at 13h00–all proceeds go to the Movember cause. For more Halloween events, check out our Monday post. Have a wonderful weekend, and here are some links from around the web:

Proud to call this neighborhood home (even with all the construction).

Say it isn’t so!

Cheaper than therapy–adult coloring books apparently relieve stress.

Thinking of jumping on the Shibori bandwagon…these tea towels are gorgeous!

Adopt Le Montriond–give it a second life!

This man does everything your husband hates/procrastinates doing. How are we just finding out about him?!

A photographer’s guide to body language: the eyebrow–featuring the expertise of Eleni Eyebrows.

How to spot suspicious Halloween treats (ha!).

Yesterday, our favorite car service Uber was delivering [get this] KITTENS in 50 cities throughout the USA.

This would be a fun(ny) little gift.

China is now allowing their citizens to have 2 children.

Heading to Paris this weekend and like chocolate? You’ve got to check this out.

Guess which artist is coming out of retirement?!

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