Cyril from Culture Café with the new specialty coffee roast

1. Surfing Dinner. “Eat healthy, local, and social.” A great way to meet new people, try fares from around the world, and feel connected to our city. Check out the website to become a guest, or to host one of your own!

2. Supper Club. Speaking of dinners, our friends over at Street Kitchen host a little supper club in their home called ‘You, Me and Everyone we know‘ (we love the name). Their next one will be on the 26 of September, so send them a message to reserve your spot!

3. Drink up. Two beers by our two favorite local breweries: the autumn brew Farandole by Docteur Gab’s is out now (with their Portes Ouvertes this Saturday!) and the new limited edition White IPA by La Nébuleuse (check out the calendar featuring an event at Casino de Montbenon where they will showcase this beer!). Cheers!

4. Get your brows done. You’ve heard us rave about Eleni, you’ve probably heard other people rave about Eleni. In fact, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t know/love Eleni. But if you haven’t had the pleasure, she’s now easier to meet than ever. Starting in October, Eleni will be working alongside Pedro right in the center of Lausanne every Wednesday…and walk-ins are welcome. Now you have no excuse. Go get them brows done.

5. Go tell time: The MUDAC is hosting an exhibition showcasing the history of time pieces here in Switzerland. We live in the watch capital of the world, might as well know a bit about it! The exhibit goes until 27 of September, so don’t be late.

6. Get roasted. Blackbird Coffee & Breakfast Club is at it again with their new El Salvadorian and Tanzanian blend which is a perfectly balanced full-bodied robust roast with subtle after-hints of fruit. Culture Café is also stepping it up with a full-force 67% Joya Oscura and 33% El Ganso roast by Coutoume which is not for the faint of heart…bring it on.

7. Go to Lavaux. Is there anything more beautiful than Lavaux in the autumn? Whether you walk the vineyards and find a spot to settle in for a picnic, or take the wine train and climb the hills in search for a taste of some local white, it’s a must-do for the fall.

8. Try Brisolée. Speaking of Lavaux, join the wine makers of the region for a harvest themed celebration or a special seasonal meal (have you ever tried a brissolé – it’s one of our favorite fall meals!)

9. Cream tea and scones. Starting on October 1st (from 2pm Monday-Friday), Blackbird Coffee & Breakfast Club will be serving [the real deal] cream teas with homemade scones, jam, and double cream de Gruyere. Can you think of anything better on a crisp autumn day? 

10. Take a fall foliage walk in the pre-Alps. We would recommend Dent de Jaman or Les Dent de Midi for sweeping views on the Lake and trees.

Anything you’ll be checking out this autumn? We’d love to hear about it!


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