Photo by who else? Thanks Gabriel!

Happy HOT weekend Lausanne! How are you going to stay cool? One of us is literally leaving the country to hopefully find some refuge on the coast of Spain, while the other is braving the heat and celebrating Violet-the-intern’s 2nd birthday (in a pool…we will sit in a pool the whole day). Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and find a bit of shade and a breeze. In the meantime, here’s what caught our eye this week on the inter webs:

A beautiful article about a terrifying prospect.

Oh man, we love this. Who wants to join us in Graubuden?!

For those hot days.

What rosemary does to your brain (hint: for those who want better memory!).

How to talk to little girls.

We need this.

What does $1 million get you around the world?

Did you hear about this? The mixed up brothers of Bogotá is a story everyone is fascinated by and this NYT article is by the far best one to read.

The new pictures of Pluto are great, but this had us laughing a bit.

A new movie starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler brought to you by the creators of Pitch Perfect? Too good to be true.

Obsessed with this song…can anyone tell us where we can buy it?!

This little planter needs to find its way into our new apartment stat.

We don’t know these sisters but we want to be friends with them.

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