After reading the posts in our LG Fit Series, a reader reached out to us with a recommendation for a Yoga class that she had been attending for over two years. In all honesty, our yoga experiences are too few and far between to have anything intelligent to say, so we asked our Event Manager Jackie, a Bikram yoga enthusiast, to give it a try and share her impressions with you…

Take it away, Jackie!


I’ve been practicing Bikram for years now, so I was excited to give an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga class a try, especially given the glowing recommendation of Donna Lambert and her YogaVaud practice.

Run out of a small intimate studio in Lausanne Chailly, Donna teaches in the traditional, Mysore style .  If that doesn’t mean much to you, you aren’t alone!  I was a bit nervous as this was my first time to venture deep into the traditional yoga world, and honestly, it can be a little intimidating.

The 90-minute class started with chanting to thank the lineage of teachers who have passed yoga down to us and mentally prepares you for your practice. After that the group started going through each posture on their own (in the Mysore style, students are given an individual sequence of positions, so at any given moment, everyone is doing something different). Initially, I thought that this would be distracting, but somehow everyone’s energy felt in sync, even though the movements were not.

I have some yoga under my belt, so some of the poses weren’t a complete surprise to me. However, as a beginner, Donna needed to walk me through all the postures.  Her very calming voice and gentle instructions seemed right in tune with the whole experience.  She asked me before if I was ok with her touching me when needed in order to help get deeper into poses.  To my surprise I started to sweat early on, and pretty soon, the whole room was humid and slightly warm which helped get my body into positions that I didn’t think possible!


The clean aesthetic of the room and setting sun though the windows only added to my zen-like state. I couldn’t believe how quickly the time passed and wonderful I felt afterwards.  Donna adjusts her teaching based on each student’s specific needs and wants.  The class was challenging and she pushed the other students, while still allowing each one to work through their practice on their own. As she told me “each practice is different, every time you do it,” so no matter what your level, she is aware and conscientious of all students.

I got to chat with the other yogis after class and one of the reoccurring themes was how much they loved the communal feel of this particular type of yoga.  They particularly loved Donna’s teaching methods because as one student said: “She is warm, gentle with her adjustments and adapts the postures to suit the level of the student.”  She also has an active practice herself, and truly lives the yoga lifestyle.

As of right now, YogaVaud has classes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 19h to 20h30, and will be starting ABC (Ashtanga Beginners Course) in September.

If you’re new to Ashtanga or an old yogi looking for a small and intimate group to practice with, you should definitely give YogaVaud a try.

021 311 9453
Lausanne, Chailly

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