With summer here, we decided to put together a list of shoes that are not only seasonally appropriate, but can master the cobblestoned hilly streets of Lausanne (and beyond!). If you have any tried-and-true shoes that you swear by, please let us know! We are always on the lookout for fashionable and functional.

One: Bensimon tennis lace-ups. Seriously you have to try these shoes out. I first heard about them from one of my favorite bloggers and decided to give them a try. Now I’m a believer (photo below for proof)! They are so comfortable, but have a bit more of a feminine look and feel than Converse.
Two: Havaiana Flip-Flops. Perfect for the beach or lake, these flip flops eventually form to your feet and become so comfortable you forget you’re wearing them (just be aware of the “break-in” period…sometimes there are blisters, but the pain is worth it in the end).
Three: TOMS Canvas Slip Ons. We’re a huge fan of TOMS, especially because of their “One for One” campaign. These light-weight, ultra comfy buck-skin soled slip-ons can be worn with jeans or a dress (or just about anything). So many colors and styles to choose from!
Four: Birkenstock Sandals. Have you heard these are “coming back into style”? We don’t even care, they’re amazing and we will forever wear our “birks” regardless of the fashion cycle.
Five: TOMS Cork Wedges. When you want to dress it up a bit but don’t want your feet to suffer–the cork wedge cushions you as you walk (these were the only “high” shoes I wore when 9 months pregnant).
Six: Jonak leather slip-ons. We’ve got similar shoes to these and we wear them with everything.
Seven: YosiZamra Samara Calf Hair Flat. We heard about these shoes from various friends who have sworn their allegiance and now have closets full of them. Apparently they are extremely comfortable, and they fold up super small to help with storage or when you’re packing for a trip!
Eight: Greek sandals from Etsy. We just love the simplicity (and the price) of these beauts. Check out her shop for more styles and colors.
Nine: Maddison Gold Espadrilles. In case you want something a bit flashy, espadrilles are all the rage right now (so the fashion magazines tell us). We think a little bit of gold never hurt anyone.
Happy shopping and happy summer!



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