We first met Shannon and Alessandra from Pilates & Moi about three years ago when both our site and their company were still in their infancy. We tried one of their Core Barre classes and walked out feeling energized, strong, and yes, a bit very sore. It was an experience we’ve tried to find in other places, but nothing has been able to replicate the intimate boutique atmosphere with the high caliber workout routines created by dedicated and knowledgable teachers. Just a couple of weeks ago, we were invited to try the infamous Reformer class and now we realize just why pilates is the perfect workout for every part of your body.  Here are a few pictures from our experience, as well as an exclusive deal for LG readers to try a class for free (!):

As you walk into the studio you are greeted by large and seemingly intimidating machines–or what we lovingly called ‘torture devices’. Every student gets his or her own machine which can be adjusted based on the level of expertise, but also based on which part of your body you are focusing on. We were amazed at just how many functions the machine had–from legs, to glutes, to arms, to core, it was a holistic exercise all in one hour.


Shannon walked around the room, taking us through various stretching and breathing exercises, then things got a bit…sweaty.





Even though we ached a bit, the Reformer class was a fun and interactive way to work every muscle in the body. We felt challenged and invigorated, just like our time before at the Barre class. We really want you to try a class at Pilates & Moi, so as part of our LG Fit Series they are offering an exclusive deal to LG readers*:
– Free intro class: reformer &/or barre &/or trx &/or yoga
– 10% discount on all 5 and 10 group class packs

*This offer valid until June 30, 2015, only for new clients and cannot be combined with any other discounts or special offers
So if you’ve never tried a class as Pilates & Moi, go try one of their three classes for free and see what you think for yourself! Sign up here.
Thanks to Shannon and Alessandra for the painfully good time–as always. 
Pilates & Moi


Avenue de Béthusy 4
1005 Lausanne
Place de l’Ours, juste derrière l’arrêt du M2 et du bus “Ours”
Tél.: +41 21 320 10 40

bourg – rôtillon

Rue de Bourg 11
1003 Lausanne
Galerie commerciale bourg – rôtillon
Tél.: +41 21 320 10 41


  1. All the images are said that it is Pilates coaching center. That's a great that you have posted about it. From your blog, i got many exclusive information about it. Thanks!!

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