How will you spend this weekend? We plan to take things slow after a busy week. Don’t forget about some of the events happening this weekend.  Have a good one, Lausanne!

As usual, here’s some fun stuff from around the web:

Vacation photo time lapse.

A town in Sicily is giving away houses…

Save the carousel in Ouchy!

Made us laugh.

A great summer bag.

Jokes told by kids that are so bad they’re hilarious.

Our go-to product for that beach hair look (and it smells amazing).

The Mondial du Chasselas is this Saturday in Aigle!

Actually fascinating–we have a friend who can’t eat coriander/cilantro because of this.

Don’t want to lose Uber in Lausanne? Sign the petition now.

A fun way to display your plants.

For fathers who want their children to stay close…ha.

A perfect gift for those neuroscientists (or brain geeks) in your life!

Here’s one for the “it’s about damn time” category.

Because nothing is cuter than a baby in dungarees (and they’re 50% off!).

Speaking of sales, local jewelry designer Baies d’Erelle is having a big one and this necklace is striking.

And just in case you’ve had a hard week…there’s this.

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