Photo by the über talented Gabriel Garcia Marengo

It’s the weekend and we couldn’t be more ready. What are you all up to this weekend? If you’re looking for something to do, don’t forget to check out our event calendar which is updated regularly. We want to wish all of the mothers a wonderful Mother’s Day! We hope you get spoiled, even if that means a long shower with the door closed. As usual, here’s some lovin’ from around the web:

We love the summer collection promo video for local designers CKLZ!

Blackbird Breakfast Club is giving away free coffee for all mothers this Sunday!

These photos of a father and his newborn daughter are incredible.

Well would you look at that: congrats to EPFL for ranking as THE NUMBER ONE University in THE WORLD!

This looks like the softest blanket…perfect for those rainy days.

Speaking of rain, you think we’ve had it bad here in Lausanne? Our friends over in Yverdon-les-Bains see it differently.

Apparently Lausanne is one of Europe’s 11 most underrated small cities.

Has anyone else noticed that Lausanne is full of people wearing these? We have one too, and love it!

Abandoned spaces in NYC.

The most welcoming hotels in Switzerland.

Just bought these to add that Alpine touch to cards, letters, and gifts.

Oh, the selfie stick.

Sad [but kinda hilarious] Animal Facts.

You better slowwww down on the A9…four more speed radars have been installed.

We kinda want to take a day trip to Geneva just to go here.

We’ve been looking at this jumpsuit for awhile, and now it’s 20% off (if you prefer patterns, this one is lovely and on sale too)!


  1. I love EPFL (I'm an EPFL graduate, so is my SO, so will be, soon, my eldest son), but still, just a little correction : it ranks in the number one university in the world, indeed, but among universities which are less than 100 years old (which excludes the top ones like MIT)

  2. Haha, the selfie stick. Someone gave me one of those for my birthday this past December. I promptly gave it to a teenager….

  3. As I'm going travel to China in 2 weeks I looked at back packs and the fjällräven was one of them. But I decided for a bigger one.
    I also thought to have a selfie stick, but I decided not to go that route and judging from your list, I wouldn't be using it anyway .)


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