Have you already started your weekend? We left yesterday for Paris and are staying in our favorite neighborhood Le Marais. Whatever it is you’re doing (especially if you’re at work today!), we hope you have a wonderful weekend and feel refreshed and rejuvenated! Here are some interesting links from around the web:

Why you need to add coffee to your daily routine.

Speaking of coffee, the most beautiful (and expensive) French press.


This installation is pretty cool.

A cute way to stay organized.

For anyone looking to “spice up” their look–why not try dying your armpit hair? Yes, it’s a “thing”.

Wes Anderson helped design a bar/cafe in Milan–and it’s exactly as you would expect it to be.

In case you ever wondered what the bathrooms look like at the International Space Station.

RIP American Idol.

This beautiful custom made map of Lausanne (or any city for that matter) would be a perfect bienvenue or au revoir gift.

We’ve heard this stuff is the best foundation…have you tried it?

A huge water slide is being built in Geneva!

We can think of a few people who would totally wear this.

This Korean illustrators portrayal of love is so beautiful.

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