Arthur and Jeremy of La Nébuleuse, photographed by Gabriel Garcia Marengo

What are you up to this weekend? We are looking forward to our Craft Beer Workshop with La Nébuleuse over at Ta Cave! We had a couple of cancellations, so if you’re interested drop us an email before the end of the day if you’d like to come. Enjoy the sunny weather, and enjoy the best that the web had to offer us this week:

The French frozen food company Picard is coming to Prilly! In case you’ve never shopped here, hold your prejudice – we LOVE it.

This banner would hang above our desk in our future office.

Brace yourselves, there’s chance of a global shortage of prosecco [gulp!].

These are lovely.

Arresting FIFA “the Swiss way.”

Dancers prank New Yorkers.

Always wanted one of these.

We cannot wait for this movie to come to Switzerland…it IS coming to Switzerland, right?!

A cute little something for the cook in your life.

The juxtaposition in this photograph.

These shoes are making a come-back and we couldn’t be happier. Would you wear them?

Thinking about making this recipe on the next warm day.

Yes way, rosé…check out the perfect bottle for summer grilling.

Game of Thrones and Coldplay fans, you’re welcome.

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