Pillow Fight 2014, Lausanne. Photo Gabriel Garcia Marengo.

When we first moved to Lausanne, we wanted nothing more than to know where the action was. Where were the coolest restaurants? Where could we meet our future friends? How could we connect with our city? Of course, if the answer to any of these questions had been easy, we never would have launched The Lausanne Guide; but even after these three years of searching for the best and writing about it on this site, we felt that something was missing…

Sometimes you just want to figure out what’s going on in town…tonight. We don’t want to have to search all the official sites or walk around looking at posters in the streets for ideas. We want an event calendar with all of our options, be it an official music festival or a boutique’s open house evening.

Of course, curating a calendar like this is a full time job for three people. So, we decided to attack it from a different angle – an open event calendar, hosted on our site, and managed loosely by us. What this means is that anyone can add their event (even you!). We will of course keep an eye on things to make sure the content is relevant, but the idea is to have an open space for the community.

On our end, we will make sure that great events added to the calendar get a publicity boost on the blog. We hope to see a bunch of you guys at some of Lausanne’s awesome events!

Check out the calendar by clicking on the tab “Event Calendar” in the navigation or simply on this link.

So what’s on this week?!

If you’re planning a great event, feel free to submit it to the calendar – or if you have any questions, reach out to us directly at thelausanneguide@gmail.com.


  1. Hello dear, it is always wonderful to be a part of such events and I am also thankful that you shared it here too. Last week I also have been to similar event at NY venues and it was a great experience.

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