The Beau Rivage

We mostly find ourselves here for after work drinks, but it would be hard to go wrong any time of day. Wait for blue skies and sunny hours and prepare to be swept away on a vacation in your own city. 

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Café de l’Evêché

On the hidden terrace of Café de l’Evêché, you’ll find a sympathetic crowd of cheese lovers ordering one of the café’s TEN fondue options. 

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The Great Escape

There might not be a more amicable place in all the city. For many, stepping into The Great Escape is a nostalgic experience, conjuring memories of collegiate days and eternal summers.

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Caffè Bellini

Caffè Bellini is a great girls/guys-night-out (especially with Le Comptoir cocktail bar just next door), but the inventive deco and food also makes this a great place for flirting with someone you think is completely dreamy, aka Date Night.

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Le Barbare

Le Barbare is a regular fixture on our “Welcome to Lausanne” tour for out-of-town guests, especially for its heart-stopping hot chocolate and authentic medieval ambiance. But in summer time, this hole-in-the-wall opens up onto a charming terrace and takes full advantage of its location among the oldest buildings in the city.

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La Folie Voltaire

This is one of Lausanne’s family hotspots, so don’t hesitate to bring the little guys. A playground is just next to the dining area, so you can enjoy your adult conversation, knowing that your children are a short ear-shot away.

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P’Tit Bar

Just under the shadows of our Notre Dame cathedral sits a cafe whose name is certainly no misnomer, P’Tit Bar. With just a few tables scattered comfortably on the sidewalk, it’s safe to say that this terrace has one of the best views in the city.

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Le Bourg Plage

You might assume that drinking under a bridge should be saved as a last resort in life. But at Le Bourg Plage an unusual urban space has been reclaimed and under-bridge-drinking given a new cool.

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La Grenette

From those who brought us Zooburger, La Grenette is a small oasis in the midst of Riponne’s concrete plaza, which opened it’s proverbial doors in the summer of 2014. The furniture is thrifted, the idea fresh; mismatched tables and chairs add to the informally cute charm.

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Les Arches

Ripped jeans, body piercings, tube tops, and killer tattoos litter this bar under a bridge. Owned by the D! Club, this spot is prime time for people watching, catching a few sun rays, and drinking Lausanne’s best margarita.

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Brasserie de Montbenon

Your first steps into the Brasserie de Montbenon will be extraordinary. Your gaze will be drawn upward, and as if by instinct, you will gasp and briefly hold your breath. It’s just that beautiful.


  1. Hope you will add more to your already-nice list. I think about Restaurant du Théâtre, Brasserie de Montbenon, Watergate

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