Easter weekend has come and gone; we’ve gorged ourselves on lamb and pasta and more chocolate eggs than we can count, and now we’re starting to think about our summer holiday plans and [gulp] the fact that many of them require a bathing suit. We aren’t fans of dieting, but we are fans of fitness…especially when it’s fun.

This spring we are starting a new series called ‘LG Fit’ where we will introduce a few different (and fun) ways to stay fit in our city that appeal to all tastes and levels. We hope you will join us as we discover these activities–and make new friends along the way!

Here’s to a new [and active] season!

Do you have any tried-and-true fitness activities you love here in Lausanne? We’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment or send us a note at thelausanneguide@gmail.com.


  1. José Lara's spin classes at Holmes Place are stupendous! No, never mind. Forget that. It's too hard to get a bike as it is!

  2. Private coaching for a pretty reasonable fee at Wellness Attitude, avenue de Montchoisi. As you have a one-on-one date, you *have* to go, plus it's tailored to your needs, fits in your schedule (since you choose the time and date) and lasts 1/2 hour each time, just long enough to whip your ass good and hard but not long enough to get bored.

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