A year ago, we both joined a gym (actually, the same gym…as if we don’t already get enough time together…), and while we’ve loved having an indoor space through the chilly, short days of winter, the weather has been too beautiful in recent weeks to spend another second of the day inside.

So when Julie-Catherine, the blogger behind local sports and well-being website Objectif Sante Forme, reached out to us, we thought it might be a good idea to get some tips from an expert on the best ways to get fit while enjoying the public (read: free) space in our beautiful city. Because really, people, where else on earth do you get to sweat and gaze on such gorgeous scenery, and all in such fresh, clean air?

Julie-Catherine is not just a sports enthusiast; she’s earned her chops both as a fitness instructor as well as a university student in kinesiology and fitness. Her site is an extension of her passion for movement and the pleasure of being healthy and fit. In case you’re looking for that boost of inspiration to either kick start or maintain healthy habits, Julie-Catherine’s site shares tips, tutorials and some painfully beautiful shots of exercising with the mountains as her backdrop.

This article is the second in our #LGFit Series, which looks at ways we’ve enjoyed staying healthy in Lausanne. Check out our first piece on the DNH Hill Runners.

Without further ado, we give you Julie-Catherine of Objectif Santé Forme


Temperatures are rising, sun is back in town, cherry blossoms and magnolias are blooming… need another good reason to head outside for a sweat? Didn’t think so! To make running and working out outside even more enjoyable, here is my top 3 workout spots in Lausanne. These places will leave you craving another workout, which is perfect to stay motivated all season long!

1- Mon-Repos Park

This one is my ultimate place to workout in Lausanne. Either you’re looking for a running path, stairs or a spot to lunge, this park has it all.

For the runners, this park offers a nearly flat path with a few parts of smooth hill, which is quite rare in the middle of this city! Coming from Montreal, I absolutely loathe running through the hills of Lausanne. Expats will be pleased by this park! If you want to increase the level of difficulty of your routine, I suggest you go up and down the stairs that are just behind the Villa Mon-Repos. Along the path facing the Villa, you’ll also find the Olympic rings. If you’re like me, your pace and motivation will increase effortlessly as you run over them, leaving you feeling just like Usain Bolt!

If you’re looking for a spot to lunge, squat and push-up, head to the esplanade behind the swimming pool. Working out in between the cherry blossoms will leave you feeling energized and completely refreshed. For me, this is the ideal place to go through circuit training.

How to access the location on public transportation: 

Bus 17: Mon-Repos stop
Subway m2: Ours station

2- Parcoursvitae Ouchy

Torn between the lake view, the mountains or the forest? I’ve got the solution… head to the Parcoursvitae Ouchy where you’ll be exercising in a forest located just on the shore of the Lake.

This running circuit combines a smooth running path through the forest with flexibility, strength and endurance exercise stations. For each station proposed along this training circuit, feel free to stop or not and choose the level of difficulty that is right for you. My tip: replace an exercise you’re not comfortable with by one that fits you better. In the summertime, you might want to refresh yourself with a swim after you’ve challenged yourself.

How to access the location on public transportation:

Bus 2: Bourdonnette, Bois-de-Vaux stop

3- Parc de l’Hermitage

I’m always astonished to see that this park is still quite unknown from locals. This spot proposes a hilly path and forest that will make you forget about the city. Just in front of the Fondation de l’Hermitage, you’ll find a vast esplanade with breath-taking views of the Cathedral of Lausanne and Lake. This spot is perfect for a workout!

Afterwards, why not head up to the Sauvabelin Tower. A 10 minute walk leads you to this tower. As you feel the burn in your legs and glutes, you’ll enjoy the amazing 360° view over the surrounding Lake, vinyards, fields and mountains.

How to access the location on public transportation:

Bus 25: Bourdonnette station
Subway m1: Bourdonnette stop

Now that you know my top 3 workout spots in Lausanne, put your running shoes on, feel the energy rush and kick-off spring on an active note!

Do you have another great working out spot in Lausanne? Have you tried one of my top 3? Let us know and please share!

Julie-Catherine Gagnon

Images: Valentin Bongard

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