Photo: Gabriel Garcia Marengo circa 2014

Happy Easter, Lausanne! What are you up to for the long weekend? One of us is off to Florence for a much-needed dose of r&r complete with Florentine steaks, butter chicken, and wild boar pasta (and vino of course!). The other is hoping to get a final ski weekend in at Saas Fee before the snow melts. We might have gotten a little carried away with the links today, but an extra long weekend calls for an extra long reading list! Enjoy…

A special message to American Secretary of State John Kerry: We’ve been wanting to hang out with you all week, but we hear you’re busy. If you want us to swing by the Beau Rivage for a drink… we could probably find some time… Just let us know. Anytime. Seriously. Would love to meet you.

…and on that note: that time the American press reported on how the Swiss press reported on Lausanne’s reported love for John Kerry. Alternatively: that time the Boccalino Pizzeria got a cameo on Buzzfeed.#what?!

Pillow Fight!!!

Now this is a baby blanket.

For the kitchen walls.

We’re trying to read more Swiss literature, and this classic novel is taking our breath away (doesn’t hurt that it is set in the location of one of our favorite hikes…)

Are you on the grain bowl wagon? We definitely are and are giving this new recipe a go this week!

Speaking of food, this gorgeous blog out of Zurich…

Made us laugh, especially since Violet’s last two meals were pretty much only ketchup.

So true.

A perfect everyday shirt (at a perfect price).

This week the Eiffel Tower celebrated its 126th year. Here are stunning photos of the tour d’eiffel from different apartments throughout Paris.

We finally got a chance to see Selma this week at Pathé. Highly, highly recommend.


Moving to a new country is tough. No matter which country it is…

You had us at ‘Tinder Nightmares‘…our new favorite Instagram account.

We are thinking about a camera ‘upgrade’ (that will be a welcomed size downgrade). We’re looking at this one. Any other suggestions?

Stop what you’re doing, because now you can play Pac-Man in Google Maps.

Any Daily Show fans out there? Well, here’s the new host.


This movie has gotten great reviews, and is supposedly what Dreamworks needed to pull them out of their slump.

Why the toddler years are especially painful/hilarious.

Did you hear about the controversial 80-story luxury hotel tower that will be in Swiss Alps? Apparently it will be Europe’s tallest building…set in the sleepy alpine town of Vas. What do you think about it?


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