Hey! What are your plans for the weekend? One of us is headed off to Amsterdam to celebrate King’s Day with family, while the other hosts family right here in Lausanne. We’ve been busy here at The Lausanne Guide creating new giveaways, dreaming up new series, and collaborating with insanely awesome businesses right here in Lausanne! We hope you’re as excited as we are as we dive into the bustling seasons of spring and summer, and we look forward to meeting you along the way. In the meantime, here’s some love from around the web:

Europe’s best streets according to the NYTimes.

On the wish list.

Made us laugh. Out loud.

Simple rules for healthy eating. Number 7 is a favorite.

Wait a second, Waka Flocka Flame is running for president of the United States? Like, seriously?

Any Full House sitcom fans out there? Then you’ll be happy about this news.

This will be hanging in our future kitchen, and these will be our kitchen chairs…one day.

The Emoji Translation Project. Don’t know if the English language ‘purist’ within us could support this…but it’s fun, nonetheless!

This French toy brand has always been a favorite, and now we’re thinking this would make a good 2-year birthday present.

After visiting Blackbird Social Club last week, and having an out-of-this-world camembert, chicken, & avocado toastie, we thought about trying to make our own. But we’ll probably just let the experts at Blackbird make them for us.


In case you missed it, we’ve gone to this Lausanne restaurant THREE TIMES in the past week. Yes, it’s that good.

Introducing the Apple Pocketwatch.

If you’re in the mood to celebrate spring, the Morges Tulip Festival is in FULL BLOOM!

Speaking of celebration, join these fine people on Saturday and cheer on the 20K runners!

For the next baby, or a friend’s.

And finally, don’t forget to check out our Event Calendar for all the happenings in and around Lausanne!


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