What a gorgeous weekend it will be! How are you going to enjoy the sun this weekend? We plan to spend as much time outside as possible, take a few walks in the vineyards, have an apero al fresco, and make some home-made pizzas one night (and maybe enjoy them on the balcony–are we too ambitious for spring?!). We hope you have a lovely weekend–here are a few links we found interesting from around the web:

Healthy, easy make-ahead lunches for the office.

That one time a baby weasel rode on the back of a woodpecker.

Even with a franc fort, the Swiss economy surpasses projections. #fistpump

If you need one more good reason to set up a regular exercise plan

Growing out bangs is the.worst. But here are some style tips that may reduce a bit of the pain.

Charcoal and movement=beautiful art.

The science behind why Indian food is so damn delicious.

These gorgeous hand-made leather flats would be perfect for spring.

Looking forward to this new film adaptation of the book Heidi!

21 incredibly important diagrams to help you get through life.

How cute would these be for Easter goodies?

We are really into jumpsuits for spring–now to decide, one, two, or three?

To Swiss Airlines: The Lausanne Guide would gladly participate in this experience next time around 😉

Photo by our lovely mother-in-law.

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