We made it to the weekend, friends! How are you going to enjoy this sunshine? It’s amazing how a week full of sun makes such a difference–is it just us, or have you noticed that people have been happier and more polite this week? We’ll be celebrating a friend’s new job tonight in Vevey, then have some dinner party plans on Saturday, and we’re toying around the idea of BBQ-ing on Sunday. Have an amazing and relaxing weekend!

Wow, these photos of the week are powerful.

Picked these up for Violet this week and she’s OB-SESSED.

Can you get behind the flare trend that’s popping up? We say yes to this look, and NO thank you to this one.

Thank you Ashton Kutcher for pointing out this issue.

We’ve been so confused about the Apple watch (and honestly thought of it as pointless), but this article helps clarify things a bit.

House of Cards fans: You NEED to watch this.

Easy ways to spot Americans in Europe (totally agree with the sneaker comment!).

And speaking of Americans in Europe…this was just STUPID and SAD.

Does anyone else have ‘meatless Mondays’? Perhaps this recipe would inspire you to try.

These approved catcalls made us chuckle…except who likes being catcalled? Not us.

Love these little honeycomb shelves.

Not sure why this made us laugh so hard.

And this had us in tears.

One more reason to visit Paris–J.Crew has opened up a store in Le Marais!

Oh my goodness, we love Tom Hanks even more now.

Petit Toi had a storybook workshop last week–what a cute and fun idea!

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