Made us cry (and have a moment of self-reflection).

We’re dreaming of beach holidays and thought this one piece was cute.

Also this jumpsuit.

And since we’re speaking about warmer weather and clothing, here are our favorite shoes. EVER.

An interesting article about bilingualism and personality shifting.

Swiss avalanche rescue caught on camera. Only watch if you can handle stress!! :/

Just pre-ordered this book (and perfect gift for parents of little ones!).

What are you doing this Saturday? Well you should be going to this and drinking a delicious spring beer.

This lovely spring/summer wreath.

Made us laugh.

Great recipe for a brunch with friends.

Our friend Nicola’s Ikea hot air balloon hack was featured in a Buzzfeed article!

And speaking of Ikea–did you hear about this? Hilarious!

We’re obsessed with Jimmy Fallon–if you haven’t seen any of his shows (and are looking to kill some time), take a look at this lip sync battle, this breakdance conversation, and this rap (and then binge watch the rest of his youtube videos).

And if you haven’t already, make sure to take advantage of the 10% off at cullycully using the promo code LAUSANNEGUIDE…good until next Thursday!

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