Brrrr….it’s cold out there! This weekend, we’re resisting the temptation to stay under our warm bed covers and are heading for the slopes. We hope that you get some fresh mountain air too! In case you’ve got some time to kill, here are a few things we enjoyed this week…

We made this last weekend and it may become a regular weeknight affair.

Our friends at WiineMe are giving away wine for life!

A must-read before its sequel arrives this summer (in French).

Don’t forget to wash your hands! The CHUV is officially overflowing with flu patients and needs to refer them to other emergency rooms.

This needs to find its way into our closet.

The Swiss will no longer be paying to train North Korean government officials. Yes, you read that correctly.

Four of our favorite celebrities in one selfie.

For our fellow parents out there, we’re reading this book and it’s fascinating.

Wow, this American EPFL student got lost while skiing and spent 48 hours lost in the cold!

Be careful out in the mountains! This year is likely to be one of the deadliest on record.

Also, weather related – 8,000 school kids in Vaud got a snow day today! Our condolences to their parents ;)…

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