Happy Friday friends! What a wonderful evening we had last night, meeting some of you at our first LG Happy Hour. We left with feet sore, voices hoarse, and smiles on our faces–all signs of a successful social evening! We look forward to sharing a few highlights of the evening with you all next week. In the meantime, check out what we found interesting on the web this week, and have a wonderful weekend!

Google is trying to change the way that we do healthcare.

Valentines is over, so now the truth about diamond engagement rings.

Nespresso to open two tearooms (in Vienna and London) in 2015.

Dreaming of warmer days, and thinking we might need this hat.

An Italian woman, just across the Swiss border, is the oldest person in Europe at 115 years. (She lives in Verbania – read our review and travel suggestions for this area).

Shoot. We missed our chance to die on Mars. (Is it weird that our first thought was hope they’ll make a reality TV show…?)

Making this pizza this weekend.

A beautiful story of looking for home in a foreign city.

Some pretty looks from New York Fashion Week.

Two kisses? Three? Five? A kiss-map of France that tells you how many depending on the region.

Major apartment envy up in here.

Digging up the dirt: how often does the rest of the world shower?

Love these prints for a nursery.

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