If you’re a quasi-regular reader of this blog, you know that we loooove wine. So, when the Geneva-based wine start-up WiineMe invited us to join them for one of their regular wine tasting courses in Lausanne, we were pretty excited to knock the dust off of our palettes and get a refresher on the basics. What we didn’t expect was to learn so much more about wine than we’d ever known before.

The course was lead by Kat Morse, a WiineMe sommelier whose credentials include coming in first at the Champagne region’s official champagne tasting, an honor which resulted in her being named (and this is not a joke): The Champagne Ambassador to Switzerland. What the what?! How can you not want to learn from THAT girl!

Here are eight things about wine that Kat taught us…

1. You can already get a pretty good idea about the wine you are about to taste by looking at the color – for white wines, the clearer the color, the younger the wine. A white wine’s color deepens as it ages. For red wines, the rule is reversed!

2. When looking at a white wine, greenish undertones indicate that it comes from a colder climate; warmer climates produce yellower white wines. Aging in oak also changes a wine’s color.

3. Only wine served at the correct temperature can fully express its flavor and complexity. When serving white wine, be sure to take it out of the fridge 15 minutes beforehand; with reds, you’ll want to put them into the fridge for 15 minutes before serving. *MIND.BLOWN.* (this of course does not apply if you’ve just pulled the bottle out of a wine fridge or up from the cellar)

4. Wine becomes less fruity as it ages.

5. The wine’s finish is the most important indicator of its quality. Ask yourself, how long does the taste of the wine stay in my mouth after I have swallowed?

6. When trying to determine how acidic a wine is, pay attention to how much it makes you salivate when you first taste it. Acidy causes our mouths to water!

7. Tannins on the other hand (and we’re only talking about red wine here – there are no tannins in white wines) dry your mouth out. Just beware, the adjective for tannin is “tannic” not “tantric” as our friend Steph exclaimed at our last wine tasting. We cut her off after that one…

8. When you detect hints of vanilla, smoke or woodiness in a wine, you can be certain that the wine was aged in a wooden barrel – an impressive little trick we plan to use from now on ;).

If you’d like to give one of WiineMe’s tastings a try, the upcoming Lausanne event is on February 10 at Yatus.

Sign up for this or any of the products or services on WiineMe’s website using the promo code “thelausanneguide” for 10 chf off your purchase!

Have you ever taken a wine tasting course? Any additional tips/tricks you can share with us?


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