Happy Friday, we made it! What are you up to this snowy weekend? While one of us will spend the weekend having champagne brunches in Dubai (luckkyyyy), the other will play it low-key here in Lausanne. Here are a few links we’ve found interesting this week…enjoy!

Made us laugh. A lot.

If we owned our own house, we’d cover the walls with this.

We used this on our recent transcontinental flight and it actually worked.

Going to try this. Yummers.

Our friend Gabriel recommends this amazing chalet for rent on Airbnb.

Speaking of Airbnb, here’s a list of 10 kid-friendly flats around the world.

Bought this last week and now consuming cappuccinos at a rate of three per day. SO GOOD.

Sriracha + bacon + cheese = always a good idea.

Speaking of sriracha, this made us laugh.

These have been ridiculously reduced (and have been sitting in our cart for two days)…might need to pull the trigger.

You need to stop everything you’re doing and buy this Valentine (or really any card from this artist).

Love these photographs.

Why we may avoid eating chicken altogether if we move back Stateside.

Our nephew is in a ‘fix-it’ phase, so we would love to buy him this.

Now where will be buy our yeti lawn ornaments?! Say farewell to Skymall.

For those who love libraries as much as we do.

The perfect way to dress for the snow (…not).

And finally, this service has saved us many times–and has just arrived in Lausanne. Lucky us!


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