We’re sending out a giant digital bear hug to you, dear readers! We hope you enjoyed the two weeks of holiday giveaways. Thank you so much to everyone who played; and in case you didn’t win, we’re going to try to keep the giveaways coming in 2015, so do not be discouraged!

We’re signing off for a few weeks to enjoy the slower pace of the holidays and to work on a couple of exciting new projects for next year. Your suggestions in the comment section of our last giveaway were AMAZING. Thank you for the encouragement (there might have been a sappy transatlantic text message exchange between us marveling at how fabulous you people are) and for the ideas! We will definitely take all of your comments into consideration as we plan our editorial calendar for 2015.

If you have further ideas about what you’d like to see more of on The Lausanne Guide in 2015, just let us know the comments section below.

And in case you are looking for some content while we are away, here’s a look back at a few of our favorites from the year…

Our new series where we get to meet creative and passionate people (and drink beer!).

When we discovered authentic Californian burritos right here in Lausanne.

The fact that breakfast will never be the same, thanks to these fine fellas.

An English-speaking and stylish haircut in Lausanne.

The day we got to drink unlimited champagne.

Authentic Chinese? Yes, please.

When we realized how important our eyebrows are.

The opening of this boutique and the wonderful woman behind it.

When one of us lived in Paris for part of the year and collected some favorite spots.

The weekly inspiration from our favorite photographer Gabriel Garcia.

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