Judging purely from the enthusiasm for our Everything You Need to Know to Celebrate the Holidays in Lausanne post earlier this week, you guys are ready for some Christmas cheer! And you know what, so are we. Typically this time of year we would be launching a gift guide, but that idea kind of bored us; instead, we decided it would be fun to play Santa for a couple of weeks, so Monday we’re kicking off 10 days of giveaways! Each day, we will feature one more gift (or gift certificate) and let the good readers of The Lausanne Guide duke it out in the comments section of this blog. We don’t want to spoil the surprise (gah!…we hate secrets!!!!), but let’s just say, some of our favorite spots in Lausanne are featured…

We’ll have more details on Monday of course, but we wanted to give you a heads up – you should probably get some sleep this weekend. We have some busy days ahead of us ;).

In case you’re looking for some fun articles to read or products to look at, here are few we enjoyed this week:

Swiss-based Art Basel Festival kicks off its satellite edition in Miami this week. Anyone who’s anyone in the art world will be there – which is why we are still in Lausanne. 😉

Ohhh, pretty! Lausanne-based Bijoux de Jane makes some gorgeous fall brooches.

National Geographic Traveller article on the best places to eat in Lausanne – we don’t disagree, but we prefer to get off the beaten track…what do you think?

Apparently not all of the shops at St. François like Christmas Markets #bahhumbug (in French).

A 1 million euro mistake.

Can’t.stop.listening. A look back at the top music hits of 2014.

Gorgeous cocktail shaker – and it ships to CH!

At the market last weekend, two vendors offered us bunches of parsley (perks of not arriving before 13h ;)), so today we’re going to make this pesto.

Have you been caught speeding by local radars more often than usual these days? Then you might want to join the growing community of outraged citizens claiming an abuse of power. More from 24 Heures (in French).

Wahoo! We can expect some more snow in the mountains after this weekend!

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