Kid-Friendly Cafés & Restaurants

Kid-tested, parent-approved. Here’s a list of places in Lausanne where children are not only tolerated, but actually welcome.

Find our list here.

Favorite Playgrounds in Lausanne

Have cabin fever? Need the littles to burn some energy? Lausanne boasts excellent playgrounds for all ages…but here are the ones we frequent and why.

[coming soon]

Favorite Day-Trips with Kids

Traveling gets more complicated with kids in-tow, so here are some of our favorite day-trips to take–guaranteed to be pleasing for the entire family.

[coming soon]

Favorite Shops for Kids in Lausanne

These stores will either make you want more kids, or to be a kid again yourself.

[coming soon]

Other Fun Activities/Resources

Additional nuggets of information to ensure your child (and you) stay happy sane all year-round.

Check out our recs here.

We also love reading and getting ideas from our dear and talented friend Nicola, who has a blog (and a baby) we just adore! Check it out:

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