Is it already Friday?!? Does anyone else feel like we are flying headlong into the holiday season? Before December hits us with full force on Monday, enjoy a cup of coffee and a few fun sites around the internet…

Swoon. This Lausanne apartment makes us want to remodel our living spaces!

What’s the highest mountain in Switzerland? How do you get that permit? What are you NOT allowed to bring through customs? Is it snowing in Grindelwald? All of these questions answered in one super accessible website.

What’s with Switzerland and its gold?

Cute and creative ways to wrap gifts this Christmas. We love the one with washi tape!

We’re sorry, but really?! This cannot be true.

A perfect gift for the history buff/watch guru in your life.

Who doesn’t love seeing grown men cry? We were crying along with you, Federer.

How beautiful is this cocktail? We think it may need to be made for the many parties this holiday season.

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