Here’s something that design junkies won’t want to miss – Puces de Design is a once-yearly event where local purveyors of the retro and the chic put their wares on display in one giant space. It’s like stepping back into the mid-19th century for an hour or two. Even if you’re not in the market for new home goods or vintage clothes, the event is a fun and nostalgic walk down our cultural memory lane.

Prices for collectors pieces are naturally pretty steep, but everyone can find something that fits their budget. One thing is for sure, you are going to be kicking yourself when you realize that the dining room set in grandma’s house that you threw away 15 years ago is now worth a small fortune. Grandma is waaaay hipper than you give her credit for ;)…

Check out this gallery of photos for an idea of what you could expect to see…

The event takes place the old train depot just next to the train station in Morges – parking isn’t impossible, but the train is by far the easiest way to arrive. Entry fee: 5 chf.

Enjoy. And if you find a treasure, send us a picture!

Les Puces du Design
Friday May 2 – Sunday May 4
Morges Train Station


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