OH boy… The music festival that manages to get us both in trouble year after year is here again. We can’t be sure what it is about Cully Jazz, but it likely has to do with the intimate wine cellar settings of the OFF festival, the chilly springtime evenings, and the local wine – yes, probably it has something to do with the local wine. Before we know it, we’re grooving like a couple of beat poets to the rhythm of jazz bands from around the world. This year we can thank a baby and graduate school for keeping us well-behaved…we hope.

Although the Cully festival has grown in popularity over the years, meaning that cellars are crowded and parking is scarce, we still love watching this charming Lavaux village come to life around a passionate art form. All you need to do is show up with some good company and the festival will take care of the good vibes and the good wine.

Cully always boasts an interesting lineup of IN concerts (for a price), but we consider ourselves OFF festival enthusiasts. We like the crowded cellars – yes, they’re a little bit hot, a little bit sweaty, but there is something extraordinary about experiencing the music up close. It’s intimate and intoxicating – just like jazz should be.

Cellars open at 20h during the week and at 18h on the weekends. And we have two tips for making your experience as enjoyable as possible 1) TAKE THE TRAIN (only fools try to park…) 2) Show up at least 30 minutes before the cellars open to be sure that you can get a place near the front of the room. Part of the beauty of jazz is watching the musicians enjoy their craft. Snag a spot at the front and hold your ground as the room fills up…

Have you ever been to the Cully festival before? Do you have any additional tips for our readers?

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