Gina Palmerini and her husband Flavio are collectors. They don’t collect cars, or china, or watches (well, not that we know of), rather they are collectors of moments. Each city visited, each person encountered, each fabric and art piece admired become a part of  their collection; and now there is a store that puts this collection on display and allows us, the people of Lausanne, to join them and take wear a piece of their collection home.

For Gina, this concept store was a long-time coming. You know those moments when you think, goodness I wish I could just quit my job and do _____ (insert what you love), well Gina did just that. After working for six years at an office job, she decided to take the leap and make her dream a reality (and we’re so glad she did). 

Her store carries smaller brands that, as mentioned, represent and are inspired by her travels, her memories, and the people she encounters. Some of our favorites include the dainty dresses and classically cut jackets of the French brand Sessun, or the boldly colorful tops from Marimekko. She has close relationships with the brands she chooses to carry, and hand selects each piece ensuring it is a true representation of herself and the concept of the store.

 We fell in love with the playfulness of the prints and patterns, the whimsical dresses and charming cuts. This is something Gina excels in; choosing designs that flatter the female body and inspire confidence. There is a light and airy feel when entering the store, which is perfectly represented in the store’s logo–a hot-air balloon. Gina explained that sometimes we take life too seriously, and we need to embrace the fun, care-free side of things more often. This is something that so perfectly permeates throughout the store and in each piece curated by Gina. And we felt as if we could (and would) try every single item on and feel great in it.

And if you’re not in the market for women’s clothing, also available to purchase are gorgeously patterned pijama iPad cases from Milan, delicate hand-made ceramic vases, carpet bags from the Swiss brand Geiss, and various magazines imported by Sérendipité.

Gina and Flavio will continue to travel, continue to collect, and continue to showcase and share their inspiration through clothing and accessories each season at The Liberty Shop. We are so happy to welcome this store to Lausanne! The concept, the clothing, and the couple behind it are all a breath of fresh air.

The Liberty Shop
Rue du Rôtillon 20b
1003 Lausanne
+41 21 311 01 03


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