Never in our lives have we wanted a large loft more than the moment we stepped foot into Micky’s House located in Quartier du Rôtillon. A specialty furniture shop that houses two levels of hand-picked pieces, you will be drooling over items as small as a spoon and as large as an airplane wing desk (yes, a real airplane wing turned into a desk).

Upstairs, or ground level rather, you will encounter more of the day-to-day home pieces. Light fixtures and pillows, tea sets and glass jars, organizers and throws; it feels similar to walking through an antique market, only things are less cluttered (though the slight clutter at Micky’s House adds to the charm) and more curated for a specific taste.

And unlike an antique market, you don’t need to sift through mountains of trash to find a treasure–the owners of Micky’s House have already done that for you; every treasure carefully chosen and waiting to be taken back to your home.
Descend the stairs and it’s as if you’ve encountered an entirely different store. The shop transforms from quaint and delicate home furnishings to an expansive warehouse-like showroom; bold candelabras cascading from the ceiling, stainless steel boat propellers supporting glass tables, and Union Jack motifs stitched into carpets and couches.

It feels as if the old and new worlds collided and created a beautiful marriage of elements: leather and steel, iron and silk, wood and glass. The structures themselves are museum-worthy, only these items are readily available to purchase and take home (hence our desire for an apartment  a house a mansion large enough to house some of these pieces). Most of these pieces are hand crafted by the British designer Timothy Oulton, whose love for the past merge with modern design techniques, giving each item a uniquely stylish flair.

But furniture collections aren’t the only thing to be found downstairs at Micky’s House, there is also an entire wall dedicated to travel accessories and handbags, all handcrafted by Timothy Oulton as well. From leather duffel bags with vintage racing designs to modernized metal trunks, there is something for every style and taste.
As if you needed more reasons to check out Micky’s House, there is also an area for food and drink called ‘Micky’s Bar’ which serves coffee, happy hour drink specials, brunch, and can also make food to take away.
So whether you are in the market for some statement furniture, or, like us, would just like to wander and ogle beautiful and unique pieces, stop by Micky’s House for some inspiration then meander into Micky’s Bar and stay awhile.
Micky’s House
Rue du Flon 12

Quartier du Rôtillon – 1003 Lausanne

lu-ve: 09h – 19h

sa: 09h – 18h

Téléphone + 41 21 351 52 52


  1. It is a fantastic spot!
    They do also serve wonderful croissants in the morning and cocktails in the evening.

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