Exercise in disguise. That’s how Ashlee describes her Zumba fitness classes, and we couldn’t agree more. One hour of booty-shaking tunes, it honestly felt like we were at a dance party with a bunch of our friends. It also didn’t hurt that Ashlee genuinely loves what she does; it is evident in her warm demeanor and her infectious smile. She has an energy that radiates throughout the room, and encourages you to dip a bit lower, lift your leg a bit higher, or put a little bit more shake in your salsa moves.

For those who are encountering Zumba for the first time (like ourselves), it was originally started by a Colombian dancer and choreographer in the 1990s. Each class begins with basic easy-to-follow steps, all set to popular dance music (from hip hop and r&b, to meringue and samba). Ashlee leads each routine with repetitive motions and dance steps that allow beginners to learn without compromising the work out. As you attend more classes, the routines begin to become like second-nature (as we witnessed with the other women who attended the session).

So if you’re wanting to ‘liven up’ your exercise routine, we highly recommend attending Ashlee’s Zumba class. We can say in all honesty, we didn’t want the hour to end…and who says that about working out?

Ashlee’s course offerings:
Monday 18:00 and Tuesday at 19:00 Studio Annexe 36- rue se Genève 103 in Lausanne. It’s in the Cargo Domicile building (platform 18 on the 2nd floor)
Tuesday and Friday at 12:30 Centre Igokat- rue Centrale 31 (just underneath Pont Bessière in town)

For more information, visit Ashlee’s Facebook page here or her Zumba page here


  1. That's great! Workouts can vary in intensity, and calorie burn from a Zumba session depends on an individual's weight, fitness level and muscle composition. During an hour long session you can expect to burn anywhere from 300 to 600 calories depending on the intensity of your Zumba class. Strength training is important for many reasons; a toned body that burns more calories at rest being among the more superficial motivators. It also prevents bone density loss, reduces chances of injury, improves posture, joint health, and the ability of the body’s muscles to support those joints, just to name a few benefits. If you want to use it for losing extra pounds, make sure and incorporate a strength training component as well and you will likely see that you lose weight faster.

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