If you’ve been in Lausanne for more than two weeks, you have almost certainly heard of Etoile Blanche. This 1930s-themed bar and restaurant is famous for its hamburgers, great selection of beers, and lively after-work drinks scene. The establishment borrows its name from the White Star Line, the British shipping company that gave the world the Titanic among other forward-thinking, turn-of-the-20th-century vessels and the décor remains faithful to this retro spirit. The dining area is set up to resemble the living room of a modest family home; the bar, a landing below, is standing room only during busy hours. There’s a hearty anglosaxon-ness to the place – it’s jovial, down-to-earth and an all-around great time.

The clientele tends to be a tad older than in the neighboring Café St. Pierre, which makes Etoile Blanche a great place for professionals to gather with a vibrant but decidedly grown-up crowd. That being said, there’s nothing about the ambiance or offering that is less hip, fresh or appealing than other spots in the neighborhood – The food menu is a notch up the price scale, which we gather is at least partly responsible.

Although slightly expensive, the food is great and ranges from traditional bistro dishes (i.e. hamburgers, entrecote steak, etc) to more sophisticated options like lamb wellington and seared tuna salad. Everything we tried was delicious; we are happy to report that the hamburger lives up to its reputation.

Something worth noting is that due to the proximity between the dining room and bar, dinner out at Etoile Blanche is l.o.u.d. This is not a spot for a first date or to catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Come ready for a party, and you won’t be disappointed.

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L’Etoile Blanche
Place Benjamin-Constant
021 351 24 60 (Reservations recommended)


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