Lausanne is a city that holds such charm, that we cannot help but love to love in this city. Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with the love of your life, or with friends you hold dear, we wanted to compile a list of our current top five picks that romance us here in Lausanne.


Le Comptoir/Caffe Bellini: Start out or bring the night to a close with drinks at Le Comptoir; the leather couches and low-light set up a perfect atmosphere for romance. Eat dinner right next door at one of our favorite spots, Caffe Bellini, where you might eat antipasti twice just because it is so nice. Find our review of Le Comptoir here, or Caffe Bellini here.

LP’s Bar/Brasserie Grand Chene: Upscale and classy, but doesn’t break the bank. The 20CHF cocktail pays for itself in terms of ambiance at LP’s bar; live piano and singing, spectacular people watching. Then head next door to the Brasserie Grand Chene for their seafood specialties (aren’t oysters a natural aphrodisiac?).

L’Elephant Blanc: Tucked away in the cobble-stoned streets of La Cite, this quaint little restaurant is one to be treasured. With only a few tables on the ground floor, make sure to get your reservations early! Find our review here.

Café du Vieil-Ouchy: For an Alpine experience right here in the city, head down to the lakefront to this intimate spot, where you can stare into each other’s hungry eyes over a pot of melted cheese. Yum.

EatMe: For the restless and fickle, who have a hard time choosing just one [plate/drink/not partner…!], there’s this hip restaurant that allows you to taste your way around the world through a tapas style menu. Their cocktails are also Find our review here.

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