Pilates & Moi

The dropping temperatures are usually an excuse to shove our running shoes into the abyss of our closet in exchange for our ski boots as we wait for the first hints of snow to dust the familiar pistes. There are always those runners who brave the conditions, regardless of rain or shine, but let’s get real here…we aren’t those people.


I was a reluctant participant at best. My most athletic days are a decade behind and I wasn’t eager to join a group of presumably enthusiastic runners and fitness junkies at the fresh hour of 7am for a boot camp style workout in Vidy. But it’s nearly bathing suit season and so I rallied.


Exercise in disguise. That’s how Ashlee describes her Zumba fitness classes, and we couldn’t agree more. One hour of booty-shaking tunes, it honestly felt like we were at a dance party with a bunch of our friends.



 Eleni Eyebrows

It was like catching up with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in a long time, only I had just met Eleni. That’s her nature: warm, inviting, familiar. We sat in her home, drinking tea, chatting about life and the unpredictable turn of events that landed us where we are now. Eleni has been in Lausanne for two years now, but her experience with eyebrow shaping precedes her life in Lausanne by 18 years. That’s right, this woman knows her brows.


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