Perhaps it’s the sight of snow in the city this morning. Or maybe the impending dread that comes with the long winter (don’t get us wrong, we love skiing and fondue, but goodness is winter loooong and coooold here in Switzerland), but we decided to steer our efforts into one of the other things we love about winter…the fashion. After a bit of research (and a lot of shopping…sorry husbands), we put together a short & easy guide referencing this season’s hottest and most accessible trends.
Whether you’re into leather, pleather, or something in between, this season the moto jacket is hitting the racks full force. All three of these options can be found in stores right here in Lausanne.

So many minis, so little time. This season rock a festive mini to your holiday parties! Pair it with opaque tights, a fun heel or boot, and silk blouse. All of these are available on

Who says you can’t have it all? Now you don’t need to choose function over form–the low-heeled ankle boot is practical and trendy this season (feet rejoice!). You can find these (and many more) on

Are you ready to reveal all? Neither are we, which is why we’ll be wearing a cami underneath our transparent tops this winter. It may also help take the bite out of the winter’s cold when it comes to this seasonal pick, but we’ll do it in the name of fashion!


Do you have a favorite trend or look for this winter? Send us your style suggestions or photos to and we may feature you in an upcoming post!

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