An old favorite, Lausanne November 2012

The morning air is chilly; the kids are back at school; and for most of us, the long-awaited vacation trips are over.

<Cue the mournful music>

This shift toward routine and the leaving behind of summertime whimsy and day dreaming has us feeling a little blue, so we’ve decided to compile a short list of all the things we LOVE about fall in Lausanne. Maybe you’ll help us by leaving your fall favorites in the comments below or on Facebook – we’ll update the post accordingly!

1. Brisolée – This festive fall meal is sort of like the traditional version of a clean-out-the-fridge dish. All the various flavors of the harvest season come together in the world’s best picnic style dining: roasted chestnuts, freshly picked grapes, local hard cheeses and dried meats. Pair with a crisp Chasselas wine and you are fighting the post-summer blues like a champion.

Brisolée is best savored in the company of friends or neighbors at one of the various outdoor gatherings consecrated for that purpose. A few you can look for are:

October 19, 2013: Vevey Brisolée
November 15-17, 2013: Grandvaux Brisolée

2. Harvest-time hikes – Grab your comfy shoes and take the train to Chexbres, Cully or Grandvaux. For a glorious few weeks in fall you can discretely watch the Lavaux vineyards hard at work. Be especially on the look out for grape-harvesting helicopters! There are some hillsides so steep that helicopters are called in to do some of the work.

3. Desalpes Festivals – Because, really, what’s better than watching a bunch of cows dressed up like beauty queens basking in the glory of an adoring Swiss public? This is seriously one of the most fabulous and weirdest traditional festivals we know of. Frankly, until you’ve attended a Desalpes, you haven’t really lived in Switzerland.

Here are a few you might want to consider:

September 16, 2013 (Jêune Federal!): Désalpe and Sheep Festival Schafscheid
September 21, 2013: Désalpe Schwarzsee
September 28, 2013: Désalpe Charmey
October 5, 2013: Désalpe Semsales

4. Pumpkin soup – That’s right. We’re counting the days until those beautiful gourds show up at the market, so we can blend them into creamy, curry-y goodness. Read our simple recipe!

5. Fall Street Style (!) – We’re hitting the market again on September 21 to catch Lausannois looking their best. If you want to participate, be on the lookout for two girls and their cameras or send us a message in advance so we can be looking for you too! Check out our Spring Street Style series.

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