Our love for Caffè Bellini is no secret. We shamelessly sing its praises and eat its food thrice monthly (at least…). It’s embarrassing, really: “Hey guys! It’s us! …again…”

Now that summer is here, you might think we’d switch things up a bit. Like perhaps since we are a website that exists to bring you new ideas about how to live well in Lausanne, we might look for something new? But then again, as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, and it serves fresh Italian food in a creative and inspiring space, why fix it?

…Also, we heard about Caffè Bellini’s terrace.

And that pretty much sealed our summer-dining fate.

When to go: Always.

Who to go with: Caffè Bellini is a great girls/guys-night-out (especially with Le Comptoir cocktail bar just next door), but the inventive deco and food also makes this a great place for flirting with someone you think is completely dreamy, aka Date Night.

What to wear: While the ambiance is casual, Caffè Bellini is trendy enough to merit some special attention.

What’s your favorite terrace in Lausanne? Leave us a note in the comments and we will be sure to check it out for this feature.


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  1. A great place with absolutely wonderful food, BUT… I won't go there on weekend nights, they have a DJ and it's way too loud for me (you can't even have a conversation with your table neighbors, that's how loud it is). Maybe in Summer on the terrace it's better?

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