Whether or not your passport is Swiss, you’ll want to get out and celebrate la fête nationale de Suisse this August 1st. No matter your personality or preferences, various events across the area offer options for raising your glass of crisp Chasselas to the land of cheese, cows and alpine pastures.

1er août people: This day-long urban fête in the Flon area of Lausanne takes place on July 31st, so you can use your day off to recover. Come for the food, the open-air dance party and for the pool (yes, you read correctly, the pool). Tickets are 25 chf and you must be 18 to attend. More information on the 1er août people website.
Picnic in the Park: The City of Lausanne is organizing a picnic in Montbenon park. No need to pack a picnic basket, as there will be food stands offering fresh local products, including ice cream and hamburgers. If you prefer to bring your own food, grills will be available for personal use. Kids can take part in a lantern-making class and then an official parade through Ouchy with their works of art. 
Official City of Lausanne Program: If you prefer for your national day celebrations to include the official patriotic fanfare, you won’t want to miss Lausanne’s official August 1st program in Ouchy starting at 19:45. Daniel Brélaz, Mayor of Lausanne, will address the audience, the original pact of 1291 will be read aloud and the national anthem sung. The evening closes with a parade at 21:15 and fireworks over the Lake at 10:00. Hop Suisse! 
Brunch at the Farm: Each year to mark Switzerland’s National Day, farms across the country open up their pastures for what has become a national pastime – Brunch à la ferme. Communal tables, copious buffets of farm fresh foods and the general revelry of August 1st make this one of the most convivial ways to celebrate. Kids are more than welcome. Reservations fill up fast, so make your plans and sign up on the Brunch at the Farm website
What are your August 1st traditions? We’d love to hear!


  1. Up in the mountain in a small (and secret 😉 ) village of the Valais, watching the fireworks on the other side of the valley, with a huge fire (two years ago it was 4 meters high!).

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